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Living Life Through Travel

The world used to be a huge place. It used to be a place where you entered and you exited life in pretty much the same surroundings. That is not true any more however and the world is now a much smaller, much more open place, full of opportunity and hope.

It has never been easier to take yourself across borders than it is today with airlines galore offering cheap flights to exotic places far and wide. Flights are both cheaper and easier to obtain and more and more places of work are offering paid leave to more and more people. The only question now is, what’s stopping you?

A Beach Holiday

Sunbathing on the beach (Credit: tpsdave/Pixabay)

One of the main reasons to travel is to get away from it all. The stresses you experience at work, they grey skies that greet you on your way to and from work. A holiday in the sun is a chance for you to relax and recharge your batteries. Lying on a beach, hearing the voices of the other tourists, also enjoying their time away, as the sun beats down on you, warming you to your very core. You drift to and from sleep as you listen to voices mixed with the soothing sound of the waves crashing onto the beach and all your worries seem to drift away, even if it is only for some short moments.

The sunshine is not by any means the only way you are going to relax. Walking through an old village or town, traversing down narrow winding streets and being greeted by the locals whenever you pass by, you think about a more serene life, a simpler life lived without the stresses you face at home and you may even imagine yourself living the life of these people, enjoying their way of life, which is probably why many tourists end up returning year after year to the same holiday destination.

You may meet others with the same quest as you, also looking to find a little peace, and you’re able to relate with each other, and again your stresses drift away as you enjoy chatting with new friends, exploring new surroundings and getting to know the locals.

Off The Beaten Track

Going off the beaten track (Credit tpsdave/Pixabay)

Some people choose to venture off the beaten track and they travel in other ways. Some people backpack, again to get away from their lives at home, but not only to relax, but maybe to learn something along the way as well.

Backpackers are looking to find themselves more than is possible for the average tourist, even if they don’t realise it themselves. Backpackers travel for much longer and much farther too, often crossing many borders in a relatively short period of time.

Backpacking is popular amongst the 20 to 30 somethings of this world, but there are older and younger backpackers too. However, the majority are those that have recently left university and are looking for a break from life before their real life begins. Backpacking is a break from reality but with a heavy dose of reality. Backpacking is a chance for those that want to learn something new, something they wouldn’t normally learn at home, to learn.

Deciding to go against what the mainstream usually do, throw caution to the wind and travel to places unknown, takes courage and the learning opportunities are endless. The backpacker will experience so much that is new and foreign that most of them will experience some kind of sensory overload during their trip.

You will meet other backpackers and share stories of your trips, of where you came from, of your lives and your future aspirations. You will meet people, locals and natives and you will see and do things that no tourist ever had the chance to.

Finally there are those that shun those shorter, more superficial travelling experiences and choose travel as a life. More like a hobo or a nomad, the traveller, the person who not only visits but also lives and works in the places they travel to, is also the person who gains the most from their experience.

Travelling as a tourist or even a backpacker is a choice that still leaves the traveller as a kind of voyeur. That traveller is always on the outside looking in. They don’t get to experience the hardships that exist in the place they’ve travelled to as they travel with their own, much more valuable currency, which helps them live a much richer life during their stay, which is kind of the point of travelling as a tourist.

The one who choses travel as a way of life does so because they know the riches that way of life brings. Not riches in the monetary sense but riches in knowledge, enlightenment and cultural awakenings for example. Living and working in another country, or better yet in multiple countries over many years, exposes that person to a life that not many people on earth have ever lived.

You learn all about other peoples, cultures and ways of life and you enrich your own life and mind to such an extent that you could call it a well kept secret to finally understanding the meaning of life. You are exposed to so much knowledge, so many different ways to doing things that to not learn from such experiences is almost impossible.

You live with the locals, as a local because you earn their money and work their hours. You wake at their hours and walk their streets. You speak their language and enjoy their pastimes. You are accepted as one them and what’s more, you feel like one of them. You begin to change your outlook on life and miss your home a little less. You are now a true traveller and one of the few.

However you choose to travel, everyone knows, and one thing is true, life is a journey, so if life is such a journey then why would you not expect to learn and gain the most from life if your life was actually spent journeying. So with that in mind, travel, be it for a week, a month, a year or for the rest of your life, however long you choose to do it, just do it, you won’t regret it.


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