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We are almost all born equal, anatomically, yet we are by no stretch of the imagination born equal.

I am one of the lucky ones. I was born male, born white, born speaking English, born a westerner and born with a European passport. I’m even luckier as I was the first born, born a dual national with two different European passports and born bilingual.

Herein lies the problem, why, just because I was born in Europe, better still for me, in Northern Europe, how does that make me better than a person born at exactly the same time as me, but somewhere halfway across the world, in a place like Syria or Sudan or Angola or Myanmar.

I’m not better than any single one of those people from any of those places, yet for some reason, I have all that they don’t, I can move freely around the world whilst they seem to be shackled to where they came from.

Whereas I am free to speak my mind and give my opinion, many people are unable to for fear of persecution or even death. The world, although a shared place, is a very uneven, unequal and unfair place. Whilst I sit at my computer thinking of things to write on my blog, someone else is sitting in a dark hut, no electricity, no heat, no entertainment, just sitting, contemplating life, waiting for bed, which is most probably nothing like the soft bit of heaven I will lay down on as soon as this article is written.

Many of us like to show our support for those worse off than ourselves in various ways on our social media pages, but what are we really accomplishing, how are we really helping? I know that by writing this article, I’m not accomplishing much if anything at all and the world will still be just as lopsided and unbalanced as it was when I started writing.

The fact of the matter is that the world is not equal, we are not born equal and we won’t ever be born equal until things change. Change is not electing a new, younger, smarter President with all those new ideas. It isn’t electing an older, more experienced, rebel who has always gone against mainstream politics because while they may advocate change, what they’re really advocating is a small adjustment. Change means actually changing things. For example, if the light is off, we turn it on, we don’t just use a dimmer and fade it up a little bit. If your walls were white, you now paint them black, not grey.

There comes a point when the rules have to be ripped up and we need to reset, start again, no more band-aids, there comes that time for everyone and everything. Nature does it all the time and although we like to think of this as the age of man, the age where we are able to control certain aspects of nature, the age, you could say, where we are greater than nature, we are wrong and we are not in the age of man and we should not go against nature, we should follow its lead.

We, the lucky ones are too comfortable in the lives we lead, we are too dependent on the luxuries we possess and we are too addicted to the freedoms we think we have that if someone came to us and asked us to give all those freedoms up, I guarantee that 99.99% of us would not. Please tell me if you believe me to be wrong as this is something I would prefer to be proved wrong on.

We humans have such a beautiful capacity to be almost whatever we want to be and we have the potential to do such amazing things. We already are pretty amazing beings, however, we have the potential to be so much more.

Everything we do at the moment seems like we’re just coming up with short term solutions to very long term problems. For example, cars. We are trying to make them more efficient, safer, cheaper and all for what, those freedoms we think that gives us.

The point of a car is to get from point A to point B and what’s the best, cheapest, fastest, safest way to travel in that way? It’s on a train like system, a system that, if our resources were concentrated on that instead of creating cars for profit, could be absolutely amazing.

The problem that trains create is the fact that people seem to be spread out all over the place and for a train system to work as efficiently as possible, it needs to travel as straight as possible. Again, our freedoms are brought into play here and the fact that almost all of us would never give up our right to live wherever we want. However, looking beyond our own little existence and instead glancing at the big picture, then moving our societies into centralised hubs would save so much of our resources and make things so much fairer.

It’s hard to imagine a world where everyone has the same things, no person is better than another person. Everyone lives in easy to manage super hubs that are easily connected to other hubs. Less of the land is taken up by us, giving mother nature back what is rightfully hers and letting her flourish.

People don’t steal, because there is nothing to steal, resources aren’t wasted because there are no companies to waste resources trying to earn money from those resources that belong to everyone, not the few.

Best of all would be that in this world, everyone would be born equal, wherever in the world they were born as everywhere would be the same. People would be free to learn, to create, to socialise, to work, to travel and to play. They would be free to create a beautiful and harmonious world that would benefit not only us, but every living thing on earth.

It’s hard to imagine a world like this as every time a world like this is portrayed on film or TV, the ideal world, the utopia, is always the bad world and it is only when the humans break free of this world to continue in our old human ways because we are ‘free’ and we can do as we please that this world becomes good again and those breaking free are seen as the heroes and the liberators.

I imagine it is like this because we are afraid of such change, of such upheaval. We could do it, but as mentioned before, we are too tied to our lives of luxury and ease that we cannot give them up. Tomorrow we will continue as normal and this passage will be forgotten, consigned to the annals of time and to that portion of the brain where memories go to die.

However, just for a moment, just before we start forgetting, imagine waking up and stepping out of your pod, greeting your neighbour once you’re dressed and proceeding to a communal eating area to have breakfast. You eat with your friends, discussing what lies ahead for you and your friends on this day.

You’re going to school to continue your studies, you’re 32 years old but in this world you’re allowed to study whenever you want, whatever you want and for however long you want and you’ve basically been doing that since you started school back when you were just 5, save for the 3 years you spent in your early 20s travelling around all the hubs, learning and meeting people of all cultures all around the world. Education is so important and we should all have free access to it and we should be encouraged to learn and improve ourselves academically for as long as we want.

One of your friends is going to the farm to help out. Robots do most of the work, however, people are encouraged to work too, especially in developing new ideas and putting them into action. This friend studied to be a food engineer and so she usually goes down to the farm five or six times a week as she is really engaged in her work. However, work is completely voluntary and you can work as much or as little as you like.

A second friend is going to play with his band. Culture is greatly encouraged and people are free to create culture in whatever way they feel free to, and in your friend’s case, he plays the violin in a band. They usually play around the city for people to enjoy as they pass by. They always choose a new part of the hub as they want as many people to hear and enjoy their music.

The third friend you were sitting with is a doctor, she will be performing surgery today with the help of the robots. You all wish her luck and enquire about the patient. He is an elderly man who is undergoing a hip replacement. The entire procedure is done by the robots with human doctors there to oversee the procedure.

Sometimes I lose myself in my own imagination, wishing for a more equal world with people who want to support each other instead of criticising every little thing. This article is just something for you to think about. We all need to take a long hard look at ourselves and come to the realisation that we can all do so much better. Even if such an ideal world is out of the realms of possibility, there are at least some things about ourselves we can change to help even up the playing field a little.

Let’s try changing something about ourselves or our lives that benefits someone else.


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