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Opinion Of USA Takes A Turn For The Worse Following Trump’s First Few Months In Office: Pew Research Center

Trump v Obama

Trump’s approval ratings compared to Obama’s (Credit: Pew Research Center)

While many of President Trump’s decisions have been met with uproar and protest, he had continued to do all he can to change what the Obama administration had accomplished before him. U-turns on Cuba and the Affordable Healthcare Act, the banning of Muslims from entering the US, plans to build a wall along the US/Mexico border and pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement are just a few examples.

A new study by the Pew Research Center however, has put into black and white what most of the world already knew, no many nations really like Trump outside of the US, and even in the US, his approval ratings are sketchy.

Of the 37 countries and over 40,000 people surveyed from the 16th February to the 8th May 2017 only two, Russia and Israel, had better opinions of Trump at the beginning of his Presidency than they had of Obama at the end of his, and by that time Obama’s approval rating around the world had declined slightly as well. It’s also worth remembering that Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize at the beginning of his Presidency.

The Swedish people were the ones which had changed their opinion the most, a swing of 83%, and the Mexican people were the ones who had the lowest approval of Trump, with just 5% of them confident that he would do the right thing regarding world affairs.

The study noted that at the beginning of Obama’s Presidency, the same thing happened, although in the opposite direction, with George W. Bush also much disliked around the world and the USAs reputation in tatters, until Obama came along and had many people believing in the United States again.

According to the Pew Research Center, character is a major part of Trump that people don’t like, with the majority of those surveyed seeing him as “arrogant, intolerant and even dangerous.” However, he is also seen as a strong leader by most.

Bush v Obama v Trump

Obama’s ratings were markedly different to both Bush and Trump (Credit: Pew Research Center)

Going back to George W. Bush’s time in office, he was also very unpopular, especially by the time he left the White House, with Obama’s arrival sparking much change in the world’s view of the US. However, now it seems things have returned to George W. Bush levels of faith in the US.

The problem with Bush was his was on terror and especially his personal war on Saddam Hussein, whom he eventually caught and had executed after a trial. The problem with Trump is much more than that. His policies are very unpopular both inside but more so outside the US. Then there are is personal views, many of which leave him open for ridicule and derision. The final problem is what comes out o his mouth, and/or from his Twitter account. He doesn’t seem to have a filter and many times his administration is left scrambling for ways to put right one of the incumbent President’s gaffes.

These gaffes and the fact that he doesn’t have a filter are probably the main reasons that majority of the people surveyed believe that Trump is not well-qualified enough to be the President of the United States of America. Those people also believing that he isn’t caring enough with an average of just 26% of the 40,000 surveyed believing he is well qualified to be the President and just 23% believing he was a caring person.

All this has hit brand America hard and in a big way, especially after the Obama administration had brought brand America back from the brink of the Bush years.



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